Unable to create directory uploads

Unable to create directory uploads

I have been on this error for days well nearly a week actually, i had bought 2 established sites and after a year of fiddling and headaches they are finally hosted on our server. We had updated the Themes to Genesis as the old ones dated way back to the 2000's prehistoric i might say hehe. All going well and another problem surfaced up. We couldn't load any Photos into posts always getting an error.(Unable to create directory uploads/2015/06. Is its parent directory writable by the server?), so i googled it and always come up as the permissions needed to be changed in my File Manager in my hosting account. days later still no good and by this stage i was steaming out the ears. Being … [Read More...]

Page Ranking

SEO On page Ranking Factors

Many on-page ranking factors are related to the use of keywords. I’ll cover those first, and then cover some other factors that are not directly related to keywords. Keywords in the Tag Your page titles will show up in the SERPs, so make them concise and relevant. You should use the TITLE element to identify […]


Philippines Travel

My first trip was back in 2010, I’ve always had the travelling bug and wanted to explore new cultures. My trip was based on what I heard about the philippines . We had a filipina working in our shop in Bendigo her name was Marietta she was married to mum and dad’s best friend kevin.. […]

SEO Analysing SERPs

SEO Analysing SERPs

The abundance of myths, speculations, and theories in the SEO community makes it hard to focus on what’s really relevant when it comes to ranking in the SERPs. To quantify the importance of different ranking factors, my Perl script analyzes and proves some of the theories. The basic idea is to analyze the top results from the top search engines. Given a search term, the script collects the results from the major search engines, downloads those pages, and analyzes them to see why they got the … [Read More...]

SEO Internal Ranking

SEO Internal Ranking Factors

Internal ranking factors are things you control directly as part of your site that can affect your rank in the SERPs. There are two types of internal ranking factors: on-page ranking factors (things you can do in a particular web page, such as providing appro- priate keywords) and on-site ranking factors (things you can do to your website as a whole). How can you take into consideration hundreds of different ranking factors? You can’t. The key is to home in on 20 or so of the most important … [Read More...]

Greek Learning

Greek Learning

We learned Greek as a second language as my parents are Greek. We spoke Greek and English combined at home I look back now and thing wow how did I accomplish that. We also went to Greek school In Melbourne and visiting / living in Greece for 4 years I soon got my tounge around it pretty well. Speaking and writing both languages fluently was like walking to as. Here are some words that I have include below, for anyone wanting to know some or even thinking about travelling to the marvelous place … [Read More...]

Melbourne St kilda

Melbourne St Kilda

I grew up in St Kilda, Melbourne we lived there till the 80's. What was St Kilda like well it was totally different. Rough, fast and chaos I was only young and grew up in one of the roughest area around Melbourne. My parents had a mini supermarket in fitzroy st across the road from all the high rise apartment/ commission complex, me and my younger brother and sister seen alot of things that you'd wish young children would never experience. From stabbings to shootings it was ful on back in the … [Read More...]